Geodesic Domes: EcoCamp Patagonia

Dedicated to leaving the lightest footprint possible? Go “eco” at the geodesic domes of EcoCamp Patagonia.

This amazing lodge organizes a range of all-inclusive stays, from the classic multi-day W Trek to their own specialties. The most popular package is the five-day Wildlife Safari.

Why EcoCamp Patagonia

EcoCamp Patagonia has a unique sense of community. It’s known for bringing people together in the heart of an incredible landscape. It welcomes each guest as if they were part of the family. You won’t find Wi-Fi but real-life connections run strong.

Underpinning EcoCamp Patagonia is the concept of environmental sustainability. A dedicated full-time sustainability manager leads projects with the local community, improves the use of renewable energy, and is happy to answer questions about sustainable tourism. And, of course, the domes have their own legacy. They’re a tribute to the ancient indigenous Kaweskar culture. Think of them as romantic, cozy, eco-friendly nests in the Patagonian wilderness.

The cherry on top is the location of EcoCamp, inside the park with a view of the granite spires. It’s the perfect home base for the best hikes in the region.

The rooms

The eco-domes provide both privacy and connection with nature. Choose from three levels: Standard (no electricity, shared bathroom), Superior (electricity and propane gas heater, more space, private bathroom) and Suite Domes (woodheater, most spacious, private bathroom).

The cuisine

A tribute to Southern Chilean food with a fusion twist. Meals are served in a communal setting, where all guests gather to choose from a buffet of several starters, a choice of main courses, and dessert options. Feast on local and organic fruits and vegetables. Special diets such as vegetarian and gluten-free are accommodated, no problem.

Excursions and activities

EcoCamp Patagonia can organize all the classic hikes and multi-day treks within the park. The most commonly requested are the full W Trek and Torres del Paine Circuit. They can also arrange day hikes like the Torres Day Hike, Grey Glacier, French Valley, and Paso Los Cuernos.

EcoCamp helps its guests beat the crowds, with off-the-trodden-path hikes like Cerro Paine, Lazo-Weber and Cerro Ferrier. For hardcore wildlife enthusiasts, ask about wild horse tracking and puma tracking with local scientists in a restricted area of the national park. For those who want to get active beyond hiking, EcoCamp can arrange cycling, kayaking, and even glacier navigation.

EcoCamp’s excursions are known for their passionate and experienced guides. Leave it to them to organize all the transportation in the park and adapt to any group -- including families with kids and teens.

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