The Brazilian Amazon

How to experience the rainforest in style

Often referred to as the lungs of the earth, the Amazon rainforest is the largest on earth and the Amazon itself is the world’s mightiest river. Covering almost half of Brazil’s landmass and extending into eight other South American countries, the Amazon region is a rewarding destination for anyone looking for that trip of a lifetime that will linger long in the memory.

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The Amazon exists on a scale that is difficult to comprehend and its biodiversity is mind-boggling. There are more species of plant in just one hectare of the Amazon than in all of Europe, and the jungle is home to around a quarter of all the planet’s living species.

There are some 1,000 rivers and tributaries - enough to circle the Earth twice over if joined together - in which swim an estimated 3,000 species of fish. Some 300 species of mammal have been identified in the jungle, along with close to 2,000 types of butterfly.

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