Machu Picchu And The Galapagos Made Easy

Demystifying South America’s top two destinations

This guide covers the mechanics and logistics of planning a combined trip to the Galapagos Islands and Machu Picchu, particularly for people who mistakenly see the two marvels as beyond their travel abilities.

About this guide

We’ll cover the main decisions and questions you’ll be asking as you start to plan your trip to South America, offering inspiration, encouragement, and useful tips along the way. We’ll walk you through the possibilities as you pin down the right time of year to travel, choose a tour operator, and start designing your journey.

In these pages, you’ll find advice and insights on the following subjects:

Galapagos Islands

• What to expect on a Galapagos trip

• Advantages of lodges versus cruise ships

• An overview of each island and its highlights

• Considerations for families and senior travelers

Machu Picchu

• What to expect on a Machu Picchu trip

• Hiking options and train service to Machu Picchu

• Considerations for families and senior travelers

Combining the Galapagos and Machu Picchu

• Which to visit first? Which to save for last?

• Best time of year for combining the two

  Authors Jon Jared, Maureen Santucci, Cynthia Ord
  Editors Cynthia Ord
  Format PDF
  Number of Pages 65

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