Elephants in Asia, Ethically

Humane experiences with Asia’s sacred animal

Elephant riding in Asia may seem commonplace and normal, no different to horseback or camel rides. Too few realize that with elephants--an undomesticated animal and endangered species-- it’s much more complicated. That's why we created this guide.

About this guide

Unlike traditional guidebooks, this book is intended to help you on a different journey--a journey of realization and understanding of the complex issues surrounding elephants in tourism. We haven't provided a list of recommended experiences. As publishers, we don’t endorse any camps or tours mentioned here. Instead we've simply attempted to provide a guide to the realities to help you make informed decisions and judgements while traveling. Conclusions are up to you!

We've collected a group of the most authoritative, active and outspoken leaders in this field, and through their stories and essays you'll share their wisdom as you choose if and how to include elephants, ethically, in your Asia travels.

Authors Various
Editors Cynthia Ord
Format PDF
Published 2017
No. of Pages 83