The National Parks Of Costa Rica

Exploring the most biodiverse country on earth

Costa Rica’s national parks are a beacon of inspiration to the nation’s neighbors and to the world. As a leader in land conservation, Costa Rica has designated an astonishing 25% of its landmass as protected area--the highest in the world. A dizzying 26 national parks encompass all kinds of landscapes, habitats, and ecosystems.

About this guide

How to keep them all straight?

This guide is intended to give readers a feel for Costa Rica’s best-loved national parks. We’ll look at each of the the top nine parks (and one reserve), highlighting their claim to fame and most popular activities.

Costa Rica’s parks are living, breathing things. They have personalities all of their own. Whether you’re looking for a vigorous hike somewhere rustic and remote, a soak in a volcanic hot spring, or a lazy lounge on a white-sand beach, this guide will match you to the places that fit your own travel tastes and style.

Many of Costa Rica’s parks and protected areas are accessible for independent travelers on do-it-yourself adventures using public transport. But for the most immersive experience, visiting with a specialist tour operator is recommended. Not only does it mean improved convenience, allowing you to squeeze more into a tight schedule, it also means traveling with naturalist guides helping you unlock each park’s hidden secrets. With this guide, you’ll be ready to choose the right trip, and make decisions about which national parks are must-sees for you.

Authors Robert Isenberg, Erin Raub, Jim O’Donnell
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