Alaska Adventures

A guide to exploring the Alaskan wilderness

There’s the great outdoors and then there’s the wilderness. And then, in a category all of its own, there’s Alaska. 

Just two million tourists visit Alaska each year--a drop in the ocean for a space that is larger than the next three states combined. And yet of that number, only a tiny fraction get to see the true Alaska in all its awesome glory.

About this guide

In a state this vast and varied, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Even for the seasoned explorer, figuring out where to go, what to do, when and how can feel like an adventure too far.

This guide attempts to ease some of those doubts. We’ve provided expert guidance on each of Alaska’s main adventure travel destinations, with handy reference charts on the types of activities to be found in each one, along with all the essential trip planning information you’ll need.

No guidebook can be a replacement for wilderness survival and navigation skills, so treat all the information contained in these pages as indicative. With the right skills and knowledge, independent adventure travel to Alaska is entirely possible, but you might find the safety, comfort and convenience of a professionally guided trip an appealing prospect.

  Authors Catherine Bodry, Lisa Maloney
  Editors Cynthia Ord
  Format PDF
  Published 2016
  Updated 2016
  Number of Pages 123

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