Active Chile

Exploring Chile’s great outdoors

Remarkably thin and incredibly long, skinny Chile stretches out along South America, from the water-starved Atacama desert in the north to the glacial ice fields on its southern tip. This is nature on its grandest scale, with valleys, islands, volcanoes, mountains and everything in between.

About this guide

Chile is a place of adventure. Scuba diving with penguins? Check. Hiking volcanic craters? You can. Heli-skiing down mountains? If you feel like it. Whatever adventure you’re looking for, Chile can offer it.

However, part of this incredible country’s charm is what happens between adventures. Take a wrong turn on a hike and you could find yourself in a village chatting to Chileans while sipping a refreshing glass of pisco or maté tea, before being sent on your way with a hearty empanada and new directions. This is a place of experiences, both human and natural.

So come to Chile for the adventures and the natural beauty, the volcanic peaks and the ocean currents — but stay for the people and the experiences they share.

Authors Matt Maynard, Andrea Mujica and Carolina Morgado
Editors Karam Filfilan
Format PDF
Published 2019
No. of Pages 115